Sarees give women a sense of elegance and are available in extremely varied designs due to a huge demand. Saree is one of the most established types of garments on earth from back hundreds of years and its significance is still exceptionally solid.

In the realm of sarees cotton is the most popular fabrics in India. Sarees made using cotton can run from basic day by day wears to the luxuriously printed ones. Cotton printed saree looks perfect and exquisite and the rich look that it gives can make you the focal point of fascination at any event. The delicate touch that these sarees give is the main reason why ladies follow them.A common misconception is that it can only be worn as a daily wear and is not formal enough for evening occasions, though the truth is like all other ethnic attires, cotton saree also comes in varied designs, patterns and colours.

There are a several different reasons for its popularity like this material is light & comfortable and offers a great amount of breathability, which makes it perfect for summers. At the same time cotton is very soft fabric that does not cause allergies. Moreover, it can be dyed, printed, embroidered or embellished, which is why there are a lot of stunning options to choose from.

As a fabric material cotton is very versatile and provides good affinity to most colour dyes. It also blends very well with almost all other fabrics and sets a very good backdrop for block prints and all other kinds of prints.

Block printing is the traditional technique of calsio printing in which wooden block is used. It is the simplest method of printing fabrics. Rajasthan is the foremost center for block printing. The block prints of Rajasthan are Mughal inspired floral prints.

Printing of sarees has become popular as the uncomplicated process does craft such sensational prints in rich and energetic colours. Formerly natural dyes were used but now a day’s chemicals and artificial colours have replaced them. The key colours used are red, the colour of love, yellow the colour of spring, blue and saffron.

The printed fabric and the simple cotton printed saris are creating waves around the world. More & more foreigners visiting India show their interest in buying Indian sarees which are block printed. There’s a huge range of fabrics stitched and unstitched available in the industry which are block printed or printed with any of the popular designs. Sarees and specially cotton printed sarees are suitable for the hot summer months of our country are all the rage all around. These prints use vegetable dyes, making them environment friendly as well.

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